Welcome to Iron Side Firearm Gear And Accessories

Supplier of high quality local manufactured holsters, belts and various accessories complimenting tactical, every day carry, sport shooting, security, law enforcement, hunting and other custom solutions.

Who Is Iron Side?

Who is Iron Side

The name Iron Side refers to a fierce 9th century warrior and the first ruler of the Swedish Munsö dynasty. Björn Ironside relied only on the best performance weapons, and gear tailored to his needs. 

And with this warrior as inspiration, we adapted the name Ironside. Our mission is to offer the tailored gear experience to all of our customers. To gear you up for maximum performance for when it is most needed, we have formed our Company: 

Iron Side.

What do we offer?

What do we offer

After many years of searching for gear that will give us the edge. Gear that allows for the most effective draw, whilst keeping comfort and concealment in mind. Gear that is extremely durable, yet subtle and competitive. We are proud to offer locally manufactured firearm gear and accessories, from everyday carry gear to tactical and hunting to custom made solutions. Our suppliers have been carefully selected to offer the best quality materials and workmanship available.

To Whom do we offer?

Who do we offer

You the individual. Whether you are an armed civilian seeking concealment solutions and performance, security officer requiring tactical efforts, law enforcement risking everything, sport shooter, hunter or military. Iron Side will offer it’s best efforts to tailor for your individual needs.